Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupid's Creations

As a kid, I remember the best part about Valentine's day was getting cards and giving cards to your friends. And of course.. picking out that very special one in the box for that very "special one". Then going home to read them all and see if your friends put as much effort as you did. It's so cute to see my little cupids getting just as excited. Well, except for that "special one". We haven't gotten there yet, and I'm TOTALLY okay with that. Momma doesn't like to share her cupids. All of their arrows are for me. Until otherwise stated. :)

My little cupids love showering others with their love. If I let them carry arrows, they would love shooting those too. They are all boy!! Loveable, adorable BOYs! They decided they had so much fun making valentines last year and wanted to create valentines for their class this year. Not a big deal except scrapbooking and card making do not make my creative juices flow. I had to think of something simple that wouldn't break the bank considering they had to make over 20 cards each. Who would've thought paper could be so expensive! We perused the internet for ideas, but never really found any. We went to the craft store and found some rubber stamps and the boys picked out some cardstock. We came home and went to work. It looked like a scrapbooking store had exploded in their rooms. Oh the fun they were having.

Little cupid putting his valentine's together

Big cupid rubberstamping

Signing party

Final product

The other cool thing about Valentine's Day I remember as a kid was the cool box you made to put all your valentines and candy in. Little cupid made his in class, but big cupid had to make his at home. Fortunately mommy had just bought some shoes. He thought and thought and finally came up with the idea to make a love robot. He made it all by himself with a little help for the head heart from mommy.

Now that all the valentine's crafts were done, it was time to start thinking about the food for the party. YUMM!!! Now THIS gets my creative juices flowing. I missed the sign up for little cupid's party, but I signed up for cupcakes for Big Cupid's party. We looked at the internet together to get ideas for cupcakes. Nothing caught his eye, until he saw chocolate covered strawberries. "Mom!!! That's what I want!!! A cupcake with white frosting and a chocolate covered strawberry on top!" He shot his loving arrow and **poof** mommy made the cupcakes he wanted. He has always had sophisticated taste. When he was three he wanted shrimp and ribs, not a happy meal. A year ago, he said, "Mom for my birthday can we go eat a filet mignon." LOL!! I love this kid! He knows good food!

The kids went nuts over these. They begged for seconds, of which there were none.

I can't leave out the best part of Valentine's Day when you are all grown up. That's being able to shower my special Valentine with lots of love. We had a great lunch. I do not like fighting the crowds for Valentine's dinner. After knowing each other for almost 12 years, I'm over it. Instead, I made his favorite dinner: enchiladas and spanish rice (homemade). We put the kids to bed. Enjoyed a movie and a delicious dessert:

It was a great day! I am very blessed to have adorable little cupids running around my house telling me each day how much they love their mommy. I am also very blessed to be married to my best friend. It is not always paradise, but it is reality. Not perfect, but definitely blessed. Where each of us falls short, the other compliments and strengthens. A true partnership. Blessed, created, and orchaestrated by God.

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  1. You have the sweetest boys. And ...... the yummiest desserts!!! Any cupcakes left over for lil ol' me?!?!