Monday, February 7, 2011

To Etsy or not to Etsy

It is only February, and already there have been big changes around here this year. I have taken the plunge to follow my dream of being a pediatric oncology nurse. When I say this, I usually get two reactions: 1. WOW! 2. WHY?!?! Believe me, I have had both myself. With two small heatlhy children, I don't understand why God would put it in my heart to take care of tiny oncology patients that would tug at my heart strings everyday as I care for them. He must know I'm stronger than I think I am. My wish would be that through me they would find Him. This has been a dream of mine since I was in nursing school. On January 27, 2011, I left my comfort zone, and my wonderful friends, on the postpartum unit. It was a happy and sad day all in one. Four days later, I started on the pediatric unit. It has already been a blessing in this short time. My next change comes next week, when I start the night shift!! I haven't worked nights in 3 years. My consolation is God planned this, he will guide me through it. I have always been at the right place at the right time to do His will. I know this won't be any different.

I haven't sewn much since I finished the memory quilts. Mostly because I can't figure out what to do next. I organized my fabric. There are many scraps I need to work through and use. There are also fabrics set aside with patterns I made that should be WIPs, but are really works needing to get started. Another one of my "dreams", is to be able to sell the stuff I love to make. It gets expensive to make things just because and have them sit in my closet. I have been wanting to open an Etsy store for a while. This would definitely be new territory for me. Every quilt I have made, except for the circles quilt and twister table runner, have been gifts. How do I know what to make? How much do I sell it for? How secure and easy is paypal really? Are the fees really reasonable to do they sneak up on you? Is Etsy the best route or not? So many questions, so much uncertainty, another change. I'm sure God has a lesson in all of this... I'm thinking TRUST is my lesson. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, tips, please send them my way. My goal is for the "store" to have a wide assortment of crafty things, from loveys, to burp cloths, to sleeping mats, to quilts. I can't just make one project, it gets boring and that is never fun. I love when fabric "speaks" to me. It yells at me and says "I'm a lovey in the making." Or "See that pretty fabric over there, we'll make a great rag quilt." C'mon, don't be shy, you know you "hear" fabric "speaking" to you. I'm hoping within the next few weeks, I can get the ball rolling on this and figure out all the ins and outs.

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